The age of doubt, 2022, 4K video, 4:34’, 16:9, stereo

Dear house,

It has been a while.

I have noticed things about you.

I’ve seen light caught between the branches of the tree outside crawl the white walls, the doors and hiding in the corners.

I have painted abstract visions of your interior.

I’ve sort shelter here while many artists have been dreaming of success.

I’ve travelled far and wide beyond these white walls to bring you new dreams and ideas.

I’ve chased after wind turbines in the distance,

I’ve filmed Scheldt, Lillo and Hobokense Polder.

We’re a part of you now.

I hope you like these postcard paintings I sent to you, I think they suit you.



P.S. The craters and holes of the moon are easy to see but hard to grasp.

We will never get there but we keep watching and finding meanings and things to do to pass our days, making moonpieces.