Neon Poems in Casinot XXH, Industrigatan 20 H, 212 14 Malmö

Sheltered by the walls of an ex-factory, this show is a journey into the trivial happenings of a nocturnal city and its outskirts. Frequently I find myself exploring old industrial sites, and it seems that the past attempts to control these environments are exactly what provokes the unusual occurrences and formations. Humans distanced from nature, alienated, but craving intimacy and understanding at the same time wander the dark streets enveloped in thoughts. How can the filmed and the painted light trigger specific feelings and familiar experiences?

Coming from a family of geologists, I am interested in the frictional relationships between culture and nature, the interaction of natural and artificial ambiances and light that affect our daily lives. From video installations and experimental movies for the cinema to object-like paintings, I work with associations to create a journey through different spaces and sensations. By accumulating the flow of painterly images, atmospheric sounds, and poetic energy, I form sensual narratives. The changes in nature are happening on a scale beyond human comprehension, and maybe they can not be explained by science theories and words?

The exhibition was made possible with the generous support of the Nordic Culture Point mobility funding program and the gallery Meno Niša.