Whitefields, Embassy of Lithuania, Brussels, Belgium

As I was painting into the evening dark, a light mist arose, it masked the fields and the forests. How to paint the light? I observed it in different spaces – in my studio, in my village, at the riverside, on my journeys – in the places, that became personal retreats. Paintings emerge from the totality of moods, spaces, impressions and grow into specific thickness, color, tone, and dampness. Brushstrokes wind from the shining landscapes on the canvas drawing in the eye and beckoning to return to the riverside of Merkys. The exhibition, organized in collaboration with the gallery Meno Niša, unfolds my oeuvre from 2012 to the present day. As the years pass by the motives brighten and fade; the warmth of the colors, surfaces techniques, and spaces change but the main goal remains to invite the viewer to experience the here and now.

I am based in Ghent, Belgium (I participate in the HISK residency) and Barteliai village in Varėna district, Lithuania. Coming from a family of geologists I feel a deep connection with the earth. It drives me to explore how we experience nature at different times of day, year, and in different countries. Technologies, the internet, media intermingle with memories, feelings and blend into one body while experiencing the landscape. From video installations and experimental movies for the cinema to objectlike paintings, my oeuvre encompasses a wide range of artistic media. The changes in nature are happening on scales that are beyond human reach and maybe they can not be explained by science theories and words?