Gone by Daylight, Zebrastraat, Ghent, Belgium

Every so often light indicates the moments that resonate with our interior. My works refer to the nightfall in the city, when you are alone and your head is clear and you are overrun by infinite calmness and clarity. The sensation of proximity changes at night, when the light is enveloped by endless fields of shadows. Neon lights become painterly poems shining in the distant cityscape. Exploring the boundaries between the digital and the painted image I contemplate the tradition of painting with the medium of light.

From video installations and experimental movies for the cinema to object-like paintings, I work with associations to create a journey through different spaces and sensations. By accumulating the flow of painterly images, atmospheric sounds, and poetic energy, I form sensual narratives. My research led to exploring the structures of poetic cinema, artistic moving image, suspense, magic realism, and sci-fi literature. Most projects consist of multiple works, grouped around specific themes such as organic structures; rituals in nature; the flow of natural and artificial light; expeditions into the mystery of the night, and absurdly seducing happenings.