These pictures document a site- specific installation created on 2014 in the stained glass manufacturers gallery by me and Migle Grigutyte.

The organic space is confronted with the digital one. This site-specific video installation was created in a basement- a very hierarchical place- the lowest, the base on which other stuctures are built. This space is confronted with a digital expanse of the white TV noise which has no hierarchy in which all the information has the equal importance. The basement is so powerful visually that it consumes any objects within and to overcome that you have to add an even more powerful element. The digital sound in the cellar is generated by the projectors which project the two videos on the two walls. The video which is projected on the nearer wall is zoomed in- the pixels are bigger and they create the sensation of the image being nearer. We also carried some construction pieces of old factories to visually connect the projection on the ground and on the wall- to make the surface rougher.